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We take pride in WORKING for our buyers. The better we know you and your requirements, the better we can bring opportunities that meet your criteria. You may ask why do we do this? It's very simple.. First we make money on the deals also, but more importantly is that we are not always in the position to do a deal ourselves and by passing it along, we help you. We realize that we can't do every deal we come across, but why should it go by the wayside? Also by passing deals along we become another set of eyes for you so to speak. Plus we hope to build a great working relationship with you for possible JVs in the future because you never know when you will run across a project that requires more capital than you have access to or some of your own money is tied up in other projects yet there is still some available. We believe there is no need for greed or bad relationships in a project and would rather pass on a project or just not bring it to a group.

So to get started, please fill out the form below and let us start working for you too! NONE of your information will be shared with anyone as we do not share any information with anyone including the Federal Government, State Government or any government agency without a court ordered subpoena (just to let you know we take things seriously) unless required to do so under law.

We look forward to working with you!
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  • SFR
  • Multi-Fam, 1 - 4 units
  • Multi-Fam 5+ units
  • Large Apt Units (25+ units and up)
  • Commercial
  • Storage Facilities
  • Mobile Homes
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Undeveloped Land
  • Improved Land
7. What Price Range is your comfort zone? *
  • $1K - $25K
  • $26K - $50K
  • $51K - $100K
  • $101K - $200K
  • $201K - $500K
  • $501K - $1MM
  • $1MM - $5MM or more
8. How will you finance the purchase of the property (Check all that apply). NOTE: Cash investors get preference as they can close quickly. If you are not a cash investor, hell, we would still like to work with you! *
  • Cash
  • IRA
  • Bank Financing
  • Private Funding
  • Hard Money
9. Please list any and all regions/cities/states of which you are interested in investing (for example: east of the Mississippi, Northern Alabama, Oklahoma and etc.): *
10. Are you willing to LEND your money to other investors for a good ROI (secured by real estate)? *
  • Yes
  • No
11. Are you willing to JV/Partner with other real estate investors? *
  • Yes
  • No
12. Tell us a little about yourself so we better understand your level of real estate investing, whether a pro or newbie and to help us find good desirable properties for you. *
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