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John Gannitto, founder of Lion's Wing REI, LLC got his start in real estate investing at the young age of 17 when his mother received death benefits from his father's passing the year before. Since then and for him, real estate (investing, owning, turning) is, and continues to be a passion.

Today that passion still burns a fire within him. "I get so excited by every real estate opportunity that is put in front of me or that I find because each opportunity is a unique challenge unto its self." Additionally, "things continuously change in the real estate market; new ways of doing things, new things to learn, different areas booming and a whole host of other things - all part of the passion." 

He has owned property in several different states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Utah, California and Arizona as well as in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. He got his California Department of Real Estate (CA DRE) license in 1998 as an agent focusing on FHA streamline mortgage refinances. In 1991 he got his Broker’s License from the CA DRE where he established his own mortgage company and real estate company as well. Currently he operates as an investor having allowed his license to expire when he moved from California to Pennsylvania.

After the bubble burst in 2008, there were so many opportunities that he went back into real estate investing. Today he focuses on wholesaling and fix ‘n flips returning an average 8% - 15% cash on cash to other investor partners depending on each project. Many investors take the distribution while leaving the balance for other projects throughout the year reaping an annualized ROI of 16% to as high as 51.9% in some cases depending on the number of projects bought, fixed and sold during the year.

He has recently joined with Renatus, LLC, a real estate educational company that offers several real estate investing courses to individuals who are interested in learning to invest in real estate. You can view more information regarding this at his other website:
RJ Storti Builders, LLC
RJ Storti Builders, LLC is owned and operated by our partner, Robert Storti who is a General Contractor by trade with over 18 years experience including general construction, home remodeling, home additions, commercial build-outs as well as custom home building. He and his crew does whatever it takes to finish projects on time as well as within budget WITHOUT compromising on their quality of work. Additionally Bob is a journeyman electrician and plumber amassing over 8000 hours within each area of expertise. In addition to new home construction and home renovations, RJ Storti Builders provides the following specialties but not limited to:
Commercial & Industrial specialties include but not limited to:
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